Yeditepe Hukuk Bürosu
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       Yeditepe Law Office has been constituted in istanbul by Habib Avınca and I.Cerrah Izoglu in 2002. There is three experienced lawyer and some assistants that work in it. The basis princible of Yeditepe Law Office is to use their  well knowledge and experience of judicial for defending their cilent’ s rights. The need of labor-intensive of different judicial subjects can be only given by the juristic offices that have lawyers and personnels that have a good knowledge and experiences in local and international parts. Yeditepe Law Office is not only solving special judicial disagreements but also making the consultancy for the trading companies and persons. The traders and companies can always encounter with judicial and penal disagreements in general course of the trade life because of the conditions of present-days. For this reason the companies need to organize their commercial works with taking professional legal help. By this way, the legal disagreements can be prevented or can be minimized for traders and trading companies.
        By working for the aims mentioned above, Yeditepe Law Office introduces profession of law commonly to the companies and the persons in Istanbul and to the different regions of the Turkey. In addition to that, Yeditepe Law Office makes the consultancy to the some centers of foreign countries thanks to their professional association.